Usb extender

Secondo le specifiche, per non avere una perdita di segnale, un cavo USB può essere lungo al massimo 5m. Gli extender e le prolunghe attive USB vi aiutano a . Extender Cable (Daisy-chaining up to 60m).

Trova Prezzi è il motore di ricerca che ti fa risparmiare sui tuoi acquisti. I prezzi più bassi per usb extender. Buy Monoprice USB Extender over CAT5E or CATConnection up to 150ft: Cat 5e Cables – Amazon.

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The USB Extender Series enables USB peripheral devices to be remotely located up to 4feet (1meters) from the host computer.

Trova grandi occasioni su nella categoria usb extender usb extender wireless. Visit our USB FireWire section to shop online today. Usb specifications limit the maximum run for USB to only 15ft^this can make placement of USB devices difficult especially in a wide area^This can be especially . C2G offers USB Extenders and Wall Plates that will boost a USB signal up to 3feet using standard Cator Catcable. Increase the reach of your USB cables with SMART’s USB extender. Each extender increases a cable’s reach by 16′ (m), up to a maximum of 64′ (m).

Patented ASIC’s (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) built in; Extends the distance of USB devices by up to Mtrs . Complete Documentation and Tech Specs. USB Line Extender – , Estende la distanza per qualsiasi periferica USB fino a m. This unique USB extender lets you locate your USB device or hub up to 1feet from your computer, overcoming the typical 15-foot USB cable limitation.