Lock whatsapp

New Beta version is available: Beta is a . WhatsApp does not have any password system built into the app. If you wish to put a password lock, you will need to use a third party app.

Whatsapp Lock è un programma leggero, pratico, efficace e divertente. Questa applicazione consente di proteggere la privacy della WhatsApp . Proteggere Whatsapp, da occhi indiscreti, è possibile tramite WhatsApp Lock è un’app gratuita che ha lo scopo di proteggere e bloccare il . WhatsApp doesn’t come with a default way to lock it with a password.

In this video we will learn How to. Protect your WhatsApp using a pattern or pin code. Protect your conversations and chats from prying eyes with pattern or pin.

Download whatsapp lock for android – AppLock : Lock away your deepest, darkest secrets , and much more programs. Sometimes we feel that we should have password in WhatsApp, but unfortunately there is no default. Tap on WhatsApp will show the lock icon as unlocked.