Foldio app android

Foldio app is a camera application which is optimized for the portable studio. It will help you to take better pictures with your portable studio at home. A simple way to change the color temperature.

Please search for ‘foldio’ in the App store and download it. Copyright 2013-201 ORANGEMONKIE team, Foldio. Create high quality 360° images with the Foldio3app.

You can control all functions of the Foldio3turntable with this app.

It’s almost Christmas time and as you prepare for the holiday shopping spree and start feeling the giving spirit of the holidays, it might be a good idea to help . It’s very easy to use, the app gives you control not only on the Foldio3but also the images. Check out the nice review of the Foldio and Foldio3from Mr. Download foldio App for Android APK, foldio app reviews, download foldio app screenshots and watch foldio app videos – Improve your product . FOLDIO- Foldio is the world’s 1st portable studio (Mini Studio) with a foldable.

FOLDIO APP – We have provided a Foldio App. Even though there are many photo editing apps, we struggled to find a simple one. We’re building iOS and Android apps so you can take full control of the Foldio360.

Lovingly place your Foldio3into the center of the Foldio.

An Android version is under development. Components: Portable studio body with a handle; Dual . With Foldio you also now get a FREE companion Foldio App. Loaded onto your IOS device (Android is under development) it extends the variety of picture . A pop-up studio (lights and all!) for quality pics anytime, anywhere. Foldio360,可配合app 自動旋轉拍攝及輸出360° 影像.

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