Yandex metrica

Send any amount of data to Yandex. Metrica and handle it the way you want: adjust the sampling rate to get reports faster, or use unsampled data for maximum . Metrica helps you get descriptive reports and record the actions of individual users, find out what people are searching for on your site, collect statistics .

Инструмент для оценки посещаемости сайтов, анализа поведения посетителей и эффективности рекламы. I suggest you to look carefully to the . Find the page numbers of counters and go to the reports. Download a map link on any page where a counter.

Metrika script to your page and exposes the ym tracking function as a module. Чтобы подключить, нужно добавить скрипт в шаблон, либо подключить с помощью загрузчика модулей, . Create a list of websites that use Yandex. Yandex Metrika plugin allows you easily add metrika tracker to your grav website.