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Microsoft Translator permette di tradurre il parlato o testi scritti, tenere conversazioni tradotte, e anche di scaricare lingue da usare offline. Download these translator apps and communicate with people of different languages. Plug in a word or phrase and get a translation in no time.

Translate is the leading translation and dictionary app. Easily translate text, websites, or start voice-to-voice conversations in over 90 .

Free Language Translator latest version: Desktop instant translations. Travel anywhere, even if you can’t speak the language. These translation apps and devices will amaze the locals and keep you from looking¬†. Did you hear the one about the traveler who told a Parisian waitress that he was pregnant instead of full? He could have used a good translation app. A mobile translator is an application for smart devices that can instantly translate words or phrases in a great number of different languages.

The world is full of different languages, and it’s important to become familiar with them. These translation apps help you get the job done. Microsoft Translator enables you to translate text or speech, have translated conversations, and even download languages to use offline. SayHi Translate is a speech translation app that acts like a universal translator. Use your voice to speak many languages without paying for a human interpreter.

Magical Voice to Voice Translation. Editor’s ChoiceBest of 2013Best of 2012Apps that WOW. Spectacular, real-time language translation. At places like schools, hotels and tourist attractions, Microsoft Translator can help up to 1people hold a live conversation in nine different¬†.