Talking friends

Talking Tom’s official place for Talking Friends merchandise shopping! Talking Tom stars in Disney’s newest show, Talking Friends, along with Ben, Ginger, Gina and Pierre. It’s time to watch Talking Tom and Friends LIVE! Enjoy the adventures of Talking Tom, Talking Angela, Talking Hank, Talking Ben, and Talking Ginger all day, . Scopri tutti i personaggi di Talking Tom and Friends! Non perdere gli episodi del simpatico gattone di Talking Tom.

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Solo con disponibilità immediata – Ordina ora. Tom e i suoi amici (Talking Tom and Friends) è una serie d’animazione britannica prodotta dalla azienda britannica OutfitLimited e studio austriaco arx anima. Adopt and take care of Talking Hank! There’s lots of fun to be had in My Talking Hank.

Feed Hank delicious treats and swing him to sleep in . Explore this endless runner and help TALKING TOM and TALKING ANGELA chase down the robber and get your gold back! Talking Tom is the protagonist of the Talking Tom and Friends series.