Stick empires

Choose an empire and battle against your friends in this real time strategy game! Walkthrough and strategy guide for the free multiplayer flash game Stick Empires only on Stickpage. Play the free flash game Stick War – Order Empire on Stickpage.

By: Praven An epic fan made 3D trailer for Stick Empires. A true to actual game 3D remake of the entire cast of. Thanks to POLYDAMAS for an epic battle.

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Game Development Blog for the multiplayer online game Stick Empires, and the offline campaigns known as the Stick war series. Order – Chaos – Units – Strategy – Media – Development – Forum – Play Stick Empires (SE) is a. The icon for Magikill in Stick War and Stick Empires. In Stick War the Magikill has the ability to summon a minion (for free) as long as you had open . Mana is earned when you pray to a Statue. To pray, left click a miner and then right click on. The Speartons were one of the races that the Order Empire took over in Stick War 1. They acted as defensive units in that game.

In Stick War and Stick Empires . The Elemental Empire is the third and newest Empire that was added to Stick Empires, playable. The queen of Chaos, Medusa are horrifically hideous units who use their own faces and. Chaos is an empire founded by Medusa bent on the conquering of Inamorta. Order is the first Empire that was made available in Stick Empires.

Welcome to the Stick Empires ! Here we strive to give up-to-date, valuable information all. This page will show basic information about Stick Empires. As you go into empires choosing section, you’ll see that Chaos needs gold membership to be . Vedi le persone di nome Stick Empires di New York.

Stick Empires is an awesome strategy war game. Choose from available forces of stickmen and challenge players around the world in on matches.