Shockwave flash object flash ocx

If Adobe Flash player is not working in Internet Explorer or if. You can get rid of this issue by re-registering the flash. Nell’elenco dei componenti aggiuntivi, cercate “Shockwave Flash Object” (altro nome di Flash Player). Nella colonna Stato, verificate se Shockwave Flash . Risoluzione dei problemi di Adobe Flash Player che si verificano in Internet Explorer su Windows 10. Selezionate Shockwave Flash Object.

Flash Player was accidently deleted from win10.

Flash Object has no Publisher or Version in IE1. Adobe Communitypostago 2010Altri risultati in forums. Adobe Flash Player Standalone and more programs. OCX associato a Shockwave Flash sviluppato da Adobe.

You should not confuse the player with the ShockWave. Product: Shockwave Flash; Description: Adobe Flash Player 22. Flash install problems – how to fix Flash player installation problems such as the.

You should see an option called ‘Shockwave Flash Object’.

The ‘Shockwave Flash Object’ Add-on in IEis enabled and active.