Red hat openshift

OpenShift is an open source PaaS by Red Hat based on top of Docker containers and the Kubernetes container cluster manager for enterprise app development . Built with proven open source technologies, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform helps application development and IT operations .

OpenShift è un platform as a service (PaaS) prodotto da Red Hat. OpenShift è una piattaforma per applicazioni cloud che rende semplice lo sviluppo, il deploy e . In concrete terms it is a supported . The next generation open source app hosting platform by Red Hat.

Red Hat has historically whiffed with developers. But, its PaaS offering, OpenShift, may mark a new era for the open source giant. Red Hat OpenShift is a Kubernetes-based container application development and hosting platform that automates management tasks so you can focus on . Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform consente alle FFS di migliorare l’esperienza di viaggio degli utenti, accelerare la realizzazione di nuove .