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Mywellness app by Technogym helps you to get most out of the services of your facility when you train both indoor and outdoor. Mywellness is an online platform for health and fitness operators that provides tools to realise effective business models that will improve your business. Technogym App integra l’esercizio effettuato in palestra sugli attrezzi, grazie a Mywellness Cloud di Technogym, con il movimento della vita quotidiana e le .

Get a healthy and active lifestyle with mywellness. With cookies disabled you can not access the application. I cookie sono disabilitati nel browser.

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Abilita i cookie dalle impostazioni del browser, chiudi e riapri il . Ora passiamo alla spiegazione della applicazione Mywellness TRAINTOSMILE. Technogym Introduces mywellness Cloud at CES 20- Duration: 0:37. MY WELLNESS la app che ti segue ovunque ti alleni! Porta il Wellness nel tuo stile di vita, ovunque ti trovi e in qualsiasi momento.

Details for connecting mywellness with Runkeeper. Runkeeper users also use this app. My Wellness App – Hi, Would like to understand how to work the app on the Technogym selectors so that my exercise, work load an sets we’ll be saved. How do I complete today’s workout?

Under the checklist tab and the bottom of the page, click “Today’s Training”. You can also share the activities you have completed on social networks and link with other popular fitness apps to track outdoor and other sports activities. The MyWellness App (free to our members) gives you access to a library of thousands of exercises and a comprehensive tool for recording your fitness progress.

Those of you who train at the Emirates may have already experienced the great new fitness app called mywellness that we’ve installed on the cardio machines. Registrare e monitorare le attività svolte . Technogym lets you earn points from certified Technogym equipment. Train with the mywellness app, collect MOVEs, and get more and more . Click on ‘Create New Account’; Create profile; Accept.