Lineage 2 revolution

Lineage – Revolution iOS Android Mobile Gaming MMORPG by Ncsoft Nexon . Netmarble ha comunicato che a partire dal prossimo dicembre sarà disponibile Lineage II Revolution, gioco mobile basato sull’omonimo . Android – rivoluzione della stirpe cellulare, Lineage II rivoluzione!

Netmarble Korea’s Unreal Engine MMORPG Lineage II: Revolution just updated their official page with a new trailer, name reservation, . Lineage 2: Revolution is an upcoming 3D MMORPG, featuring high quality graphics, three classes, and four races to roll through the game’s dungeons. Описание игры: Это одна из вариаций мобильной игры Lineage II. Lineage 2: Revolution ранее называемая как Lineage: Dawn of Aden или project S.

Это совместный проект NcSoft и Netmarble , мобильная версия игры .

Mobile company Netmarble released a new CF for ‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ with Big Bang’s G-Dragon! In a very cool tone, G-Dragon says he . All the latest and hottest Lineage II Revolution news and rumors. Netmarble has pleased Western mobile gamers with its announcement that Lineage Revolution is heading west sometime in 2017.

MMORPG의 세계에서, 당신의 혈맹과 함께 요새의 주인이 되어보세요! According to report, on the launch day, Lineage 2: Revolution was downloaded more than million times. He is endorsing Netmarble Games’ “Lineage II: Revolution”. Lineage II: Revolution launched in Korea in December 20and was found to be a pretty faithful version of Lineage II itself.

According to Korean media, the highly popular mobile action MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolution has earned 1billion won (around $million) . Краткое описание: Продолжение Lineage II на моб. No Generic Looking for MMO posts; No Self promotion; No PvP or How-To videos; No Blog posts, unless from an official or approved source .