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CAMFocus è un laser scanner 3D ad alta velocità ideale per misurazioni e documentazioni dettagliate che produce immagini tridimensionali dettagliatissime . The FARO Focus is the smallest and lightest 3D laser scanner on the market. It offers the most efficient method for 3D surveying of objects and buildings. FARO Focus3D is a high-speed 3D Laser Scanner offering the most efficient method for 3D Surveying. It produces incredibly detailed 3D images in a few . Preferite noleggiare uno scanner laser terrestre anziché acquistarlo? Siete alla ricerca di uno scanner leggero e compatto dotato di macchina fotografica a colori . Do you have questions on laser scanner hardware?

Don’t hesitate to contact our independent laser scanner professionals! We would be pleased to advise you. The Focus3D X 3can scan large and distant objects up to 3meters away and in direct sunlight.

With its integrated GPS receiver, the laser scanner is able to . Fast and exact indoor and outdoor measurements in three dimensions: Simply at your fingertips The smallest and lightest laser scanner on the market – Focus3D . The FARO Focus3D is a high-speed Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS) offering the most efficient method for 3D. FARO, GeoSLAM, TRIMBLE, una gamma completa di laser scanner statici e manuali per l’acquisizione dei dati in modo rapido e .