Ising model

Il modello di Ising (dal nome del fisico Ernst Ising che lo ha ideato) è un modello. Brush (1967), History of the Lenz-Ising Model. The simplest theoretical description of ferromagnetism is called the Ising model.

This model was invented by Wilhelm Lenz in 1920: it is named after Ernst Ising, . This model was suggested to Ising by his thesis adviser, Lenz. Ising solved the one-dimensional model,. Model of ferromagnet – collection of magnetic moments associated with the spins of atoms.

Treat the spins as located at fixed points on a 2D. Exact solutions of the Ising model in and dimensions. Exact solutions of the Ising model are possible in and dimensions and can be used to calculate the . The discovery of magnetic materials predates the invention of writing. Hu- mans were fascinated by the attractive or . Ising model on a 2D square lattice.

In a mathematical tour de force, Lars Onsager, in 194 obtained an analytical solution for the Ising model on a square lattice, with nearest-.