Foldio lightbox

Foldio is designed as a simple foldable magnetic structure which allows everyone to set up the .

Foldio: Portable Studio Box, Foldable Light Box for: Amazon. FOLDIO- Foldio is the world’s 1st portable studio (Mini Studio) with a . You just baked the most perfect cupcake! Now you simultaneously need to snap a pic for your blog and put it in your mouth. Foldio “BIGGER SMARTER” on Kickstarter! A new product is Kickstarting its way into entry-level product photography.

The Foldio lightbox aims to help inexperienced photographers on a . Foldio is the world’s first portable studio with a foldable design. White walls and built-in LEDs give just the right amount of light under any conditions. It pulls together in a snap, stays in place with sturdy magnets and when . Foldio body – LED light strips – White pouch – backdrops(Green, Gray, Black) FOLDIO – Size(opened) : 10.

Foldio – Pink, Green, Blue Yellow Backdrops.