Audiosurf 2

Steam Workshop is integrated and already filled with hundreds of new in-game graphic styles (skins) and gameplay styles (mods) created by the Audiosurf 2 . Audiosurf is the music game for your entire music collection, plus online music streaming and Song of the Day. Audiosurf previously named Audiosurf Air, is a rhythm score attack video game created by Dylan Fitterer, and the sequel to Audiosurf. Musica da correre L’idea di base, che ritroviamo inalterata anche in Audiosurf era ed è di una semplicità disarmante: creare una sinestesia . Audiosurf è il nuovo episodio della serie action musicale che consente di modificare l’esperienza in base alla colonna sonora. Audiosurf 2’s excellent Mono mode carries this hypnotic rhythm game a long way. Audiosurf Mod your music Customize everything you hear, everything you see, and even the way you play.

Choose a song, choose a mo and choose a skin. Ride your music in more ways than ever before.